Shopping in Mauritius-What you need to know

by admin on August 29, 2011

Things to do in Mauritius:Shopping

A Holiday in Mauritius is not only about long sandy beaches, breath taking sunsets, tropical weather,a large variety of delightful foods and the finest hospitality. There is another aspect of Mauritius which is growing in importance-shopping.  Even if you are going to Mauritius only for the sake of its unique splendor and fragrances, you may still want to bring back some souvenirs of the country for your own collection or for your friends and families.

Shopping in Mauritius can be a unique experience in itself where you will discover the diverse cultures existing in the country –from the colorful tapestries and sarees, to the African drums and sculptures, including the famous national musical instrument, the Ravanne and the miniature hand crafted wooden dodos.

If you were on a bargain holidays to Mauritius, without a doubt you will want to take advantage of shopping deals as well and would like to know of places where you can shop smartly without getting ripped off.  Our staff have collected all the information regarding the best places for shopping in Mauritius.  Generally the hotel cab drivers will have their own itinerary when it comes to the places they would like to take you and this is where you will have to be careful because very often they may take you to places where they have a pre arrangement with the shops and boutiques and in some instances, they get a commission for each client that they bring.  In short, in this whole cycle of client/commission seeking, you might be kept away from the genuine bargains.

The best place to buy souvenirs at very affordable price is at the local markets and the most popular ones for tourists are the Quatre Bornes Market.  There is wide variety of hand crafted, wooden souvenirs which are on sale like miniature wooden local animals, map of the island, exotic spices, achards and pickles, hand embroidered clothing, replicas of historical ships and so much more.

Now if you are searching for an up market place for your shopping, you will be glad to know that most designers have marked their presence in Mauritius-Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Ralph Lauren-and these boutiques can be found in shopping areas like The Caudan Waterfront which is a splendid shopping mall found along the sea.  It is also reputed for harboring the best restaurants of the island and offers a diverse range cuisine.

Finally, Mauritius is also reputed for the legacy of quality and impeccable finish of Indian and Arab craftsmanship in jewelry making.  There are some jewelry shops which offer duty free items and can also take personal orders for the designs of specific models of jewelries.

Shopping in Mauritius can be a unique experience but you have to keep certain points in mind.  You should always bargain with the local sellers, sometimes you may end up getting the price for half the initial price. You should also pay attention to the price that is being told to other customers around you-being on your guard can save you from a rip off!

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