The ultimate peace and tranquility in Mauritius-the Islets

by admin on September 11, 2011

Islets of the Island of Mauritius

You may have heard that Mauritius is an oasis of peace and tranquility in the middle of the large Indian Ocean.  But did you know that this small island is itself surrounded by other very small islands which are found within the Mauritian territory? The good news is that those small islands are open to tourists and the public at large.  So why would you want to visit other small islands when you are already spending your vacation on a small island? You might be asking yourself, what could be so different about those other small islands?

The first answer is that, those islands are uninhabited and have pristine vegetation growing on them.  These islands look pure and untouched and for nature lovers, these small islands are the perfect place to discover rare specifies of plants and animals.  Also those, small islands are surrounded by lovely beaches which are reputed for their golden, powder like fine sand.  These islets can be reached by boat which can be booked through your hotel network or which can be done independently of the hotels you are staying.  For instance, if you want to visit the islet of Ile aux Cerfs, you do not have to be a client of the Touessrok hotel which controls the beaches of this island.  You can hire a boat from a small village called Trou d’eau Douce.

Apart from a sailing trip, you can also opt for a cruising experience around the coast of Mauritius and to those islets.  You can arrange for a cruise either through your hotel or with independent boating agencies.  The cost of the sailing trip or the cruise will depend on the type of vessel you are hiring-whether it is a normal catamaran boat, speed boats or a luxurious yacht.  Alternatively, some people go for the cheapest option-normal fishing boats which are owned by the local fishermen.  The advantages of doing this is that you get to mingle with the local people who know more about the folklore of the area and can share their own experience at sea and bring you to places which the hotel itinerary does not include.  However, the risk here is that those boats are not very safe.  So unless you are a risk taker and an adventurer at heart, it is wiser to opt for these boats.

Some of the islets worth considering are: Ile aux Cerfs, Flat Island, Gabriel Island, Ile D’Ambre and Coin du Mire.

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